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Root Care

If your tooth has a diseased nerve, you’ve probably heard of a root canal. With modern techniques, our experts can save the tooth by removing the affected area, disinfecting the inside, and protecting the remainder with a crown. This routine procedure is performed with freezing and/or numbing agents to ensure a comfortable experience and a fast recovery.

At Kensington Square Dental, we treat every extraction with care and use the latest dental techniques to make the removal as smooth as possible. Every situation is different, and to fully understand your case, we use CT scans to determine what action to take, and then proceed where possible using the least invasive methods to ensure a comfortable and quick recovery.

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Our Services

Gum Graft — Otherwise known as a gingival graft, this is a periodontal procedure that aims to cover exposed root surfaces or augment tissue by way of a graft.

Bone Graft — This procedure replaces missing bone in order to repair complex fractures in the tooth that might pose a health risk to the patient.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction — We extract a wisdom tooth if doesn’t have room to grow to alleviate the risk of pain, infection or other dental problems.

Root Canal Therapy — This is a routine treatment for teeth pulp that’s become inflamed or infected by removing tissue from inside the crown and root of a tooth.

Sedation Dentistry — Commonly referred to as sleep dentistry, this is the administration of oral medication to reduce patient anxiety.