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Specialty Restorative Care

Modern dentistry is seamless, and to create the perfect smile we only use state-of-the-art materials so every filling, crown, bridge, inlay or onlay blends perfectly with your teeth, creating not only a durable solution, but a beautiful one. Tooth restoration not only repairs and protects your teeth, but contributes to your overall oral health.

Why choose CEREC? With CEREC you only have to visit Kensington Square Dental once to restore your damaged tooth, and the high-grade ceramic material keeps your teeth looking natural for years. CEREC is a popular alternative to lab fabricated crowns that reduces discomfort and saves a second appointment, all while matching the composition of your natural teeth. If you’re considering CEREC in Burnaby, Kensington can help.

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Our Services

Composite Fillings — These are safe synthetic resins used in dentistry as a restorative material or adhesive for a patient’s cavity.

Crowns — If your tooth is damaged but not lost, a crown can restore the shape, appearance and function by covering the problem tooth.

Bridges — This is a restorative piece made up of artificial tooth fused between two crowns that replaces one or more missing teeth by extending across an area of no teeth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction — This is the best method of replacing all the teeth in one jaw or the entire mouth to fully restore appearance, comfort and function.

Inlays and Onlays — These are used when old fillings need to be removed or replaced. An inlay, similar to a filling, fits inside the tooth. Whereas an onlay extends overtop the tooth.