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New Kolibree Toothbrush Brings the Future of Brushing

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The days of constantly nagging your kids or spouse to brush their teeth regularly have perhaps come to an end. A new company from France has introduced what is probably known as the first wirelessly connected electric toothbrush. The brush is paired with an app that can be downloaded on almost any device and syncs wirelessly to it in order to give you updates on the brushing habits of you or your kids.

Unveiled last week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the Kolibree toothbrush looks to be the next big step towards a "brighter" future (with smiles, of course). 

As the brush is being used, it grades the efficiency of your brushing habits and even rewards you for a job well done. At one's discretion, the app can also be linked to social networking sites like Facebook and even your Kensington Square Dental to show Dr. Jin just how well (or badly) you are keeping up with your daily brushing routine.

Depending on which model, the Kolibree brush will cost about $99 to $200 and will become available for pre-order online starting this summer. The device itself does not have any new features that improve brushing, however, the point is to create more of an incentive for people to brush more effectively and more frequently than with a regular electric toothbrush. The incentive is created by making brushing into a sort of game which gives points depending on 1) how long you brush, 2) whether you have brushed in all four quadrants of your mouth, and 3) if you have brushed everywhere both up to down and side to side.

All the data collected is then synced via Bluetooth to the Apple or Android device of your choosing. This is where your brushing technique is charted and your individual scores are uploaded for viewing. The app is flexible enough to allow third-party developers to create even more games for the app that could go even further in improving people's dental health. It is not the first "smart" toothbrush on the market but it is definitely looking like the only one that should be on the market.

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