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Parents of small children definitely get the same old tantrums and tears when it’s time for them to brush their teeth. It may seem almost impossible to get them to cooperate, with all the thrashing, screaming, and crying getting in the way of helping your kids maintain proper dental hygiene habits. There is no easy road to success here. Children just don’t have the capability to understand this importance yet and it is totally normal. Still, here are a few ways you can help incite your kids to brush their teeth.

Consider skipping on the toothpaste:

Many children don’t like to brush because the toothpaste they use has a weird texture, makes them gag, or simply tastes “funny”. At a young age, it is completely fine to have them brush with just water. This is one way to see if your kids are open to the idea of brushing and eventually you can try and reintroduce them to toothpaste in the future. The other option is to buy toothpaste that is specifically designed for kids, such as ones that are okay to swallow in small amounts, just in case.

Become a dinosaur:

You read it right. A great way to get your kids to brush their teeth is making the experience a fun and exciting game for them. Encourage them to say “grrrrr” to show the front teeth, and “ahhhhh” to show the back. Having your child roar like a large extinct reptile not only puts them at ease but also helps them open their mouth wide while brushing to get every nook and cranny.

Play copycat:

Children have an innate desire to mimic everything they see, so why not show them something that they should follow: like maybe you brushing your own teeth. This is a slightly more sneaky approach. While you’re brushing in front of your child, make sure their toothbrush is just within reach. Adding faces and sounds of excitement while brushing definitely wouldn’t hurt and it will make it more likely that your child will pick up their toothbrush and follow in the fun.


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Your child's dental development starts extremely early in life. As they age and change, so will the strategies for helping them take care of their teeth.

At 0-2 years, the teething process is already underway. At 0-6 months, the front teeth begin to emerge, often in pairs. The lower teeth usually arrive sooner than the upper ones. At this time it is recommended to give sugary liquids like milk and juice as little exposure as possible to your baby's gums, as it can cause decay. At 7-12 months, your baby's incisors (front teeth) start pushing past the gums while the permanent teeth begin to develop underneath. Depending on the child, he or she may experience a range of discomfort as the new teeth emerge. Heavy drooling, swelling, and trouble eating or sleeping are common occurences but if any symptoms persist, check with your pediatrician about teething medication or pain relievers. Finally, at 13-24 months, the molars start to appear as well. At this time it is okay to start brushing with a soft toothbrush (no toothpaste required) and if teeth appear in twos next to each other flossing is also a good thing to do. From 20 months onward, using toothpaste should be taught to your child. Just make sure they spit it out!

At 3-4 years old, the roots of your child's teeth will begin to disappear and this will make room for the eventual permanent teeth. This age range is also characterized as your child's first dental visit. It is important you encourage your child to brush his or her teeth twice a day with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste as well as after snacking, especially on more sugary foods. Also, if your child is still sucking on their thumb, now would be a good time to stop since it can lead to problems in the future like crooked teeth.

The golden age of 6 is when your child's first permanent teeth begin to push their way past the gums. Where they sprout out first can vary but usually they are first seen in the lower front teeth or in the molars. The period when there is a combination of primary (baby) teeth and permanent teeth in the mouth is called "mixed dentition". Since teeth are especially prone to decay at this time, fluoride supplements or dental sealants are recommended. Be wary of your child if he or she has an active lifestyle because tooth-related injuries are extremely common. Lastly, this is also the time to perhaps mention the existence of the tooth fairy and the tooth and pillow ritual that goes along with that.



The days of constantly nagging your kids or spouse to brush their teeth regularly have perhaps come to an end. A new company from France has introduced what is probably known as the first wirelessly connected electric toothbrush. The brush is paired with an app that can be downloaded on almost any device and syncs wirelessly to it in order to give you updates on the brushing habits of you or your kids.

Unveiled last week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the Kolibree toothbrush looks to be the next big step towards a "brighter" future (with smiles, of course). 

As the brush is being used, it grades the efficiency of your brushing habits and even rewards you for a job well done. At one's discretion, the app can also be linked to social networking sites like Facebook and even your Kensington Square Dental to show Dr. Jin just how well (or badly) you are keeping up with your daily brushing routine.

Depending on which model, the Kolibree brush will cost about $99 to $200 and will become available for pre-order online starting this summer. The device itself does not have any new features that improve brushing, however, the point is to create more of an incentive for people to brush more effectively and more frequently than with a regular electric toothbrush. The incentive is created by making brushing into a sort of game which gives points depending on 1) how long you brush, 2) whether you have brushed in all four quadrants of your mouth, and 3) if you have brushed everywhere both up to down and side to side.

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Kensington Square Dental is proud to be a sponsor of Hastings Community Little league for 2013.

Hastings Community Little League (HCLL) is a non-profit sports organization which provides  highly structured and principled baseball programs for young boys and girls in North Burnaby and parts of East Vancouver. The vision  of HCLL is to provide children with a safe, fun and family oriented program that demonstrates the ideals of good sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork, competition, courage and respect.

At Kensington Square Dental, supporting our community has always been one of our core values. We take seriously,  our commitment to the local community because we believe our success is a direct result of the growth and development of families within our community. Whether it's giving away boxes of tooth brushes and floss, sponsoring little league sports teams, or helping out as volunteers locally or globally, Kensington Square Dental  is your community minded dental clinic. We have given to various community organizations such as sports teams, shelters, schools and individuals. Kensington Square Dental will consider donation or sponsorship requests where a modest donation would play a meaningful role in the growth and development of our community.

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Burnaby Dentist Dr. Jin performing free dental care

Since they were dental students, both dentists Dr. Jin and Dr. Wong have been actively involved in volunteering their time in various developing countries. They have recently returned from Bhartsam, Bhutan, a small village tucked away in the eastern Himalayas between India and China. Drs. Jin and Wong, along with a team of six dental professionals, were  issued temporary dental licences by the Bhutanese Ministry of Health to provide hundreds of villagers with much needed basic and preventative dental care.

Children Dentistry by Burnaby Dentist

Dental Care Availability

Burnaby Dentist with kids from Bhutan"There is little access to dental care available in this area. People walked many miles of remote mountainous pathways and patiently lined up for hours just to see us. The need is so great that we only wish we could have stayed longer. Working under such primitive conditions has made me so grateful for the readily accessible and preventative dental services here in Canada. We often take for granted that if we have a toothache or infection we can go see a dentist and have it treated immediately. We treated many patients  with conditions that  are almost never seen in practice. Many patients had never seen a dentist ever. Out of all the locations we have volunteered Bhutan has been the most memorable. The remoteness, and shear rugged beauty of Bhutan is amazing but most of all I'll remember the warmth of the villagers who were so grateful and welcoming. "

The objective was to set up a makeshift dental clinic with portable equipment where local villagers could get  basic dental care. In the future, efforts will be made to create a permanent dental clinic where dental volunteers from across Canada and the US can travel to provide basic dental services on an annual basis. The program will be developed in cooperation with the local government authorities.


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Since they were dental students, both dentists Dr. Jin and Dr. Wong have been actively involved in volunteering their time in various developing countries. They have recently returned from Bhartsam,...
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