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Children's Dentistry

At Kensington Square Dental, our focus is on early engagement and prevention. Our philosophy is that a child should establish a dental home at no later than one year of age. Early engagement, which allows our dentists to monitor the progress of your child’s emerging baby teeth, and early establishment of proper oral hygiene habits are both key to having a cavity-free childhood.

We at Kensington Square Dental would like to play an ongoing role in your child’s life to ensure that we can be a resource for all aspects of oral health care. We strive to communicate and deliver information to you and your family in a clear and comprehensive manner so that all decisions made are informed and family-centered.


Sealants are coatings placed on teeth prone to caries (cavities) to prevent decay. Food and plaque can get trapped in the pits and fissures of teeth and cause decay if not removed. Newly erupted first molars typically seen around age six are particularly prone to decay. We recommend placing sealants as soon as these molars are fully erupted to prevent childhood caries. Sealants may last for several years but need to be reapplied occasionally. To apply the sealants, any food and plaque are first removed. The teeth are then cleaned of any debris, and the sealant is applied. Typically the placing of sealants require a few minutes per tooth and is completely comfortable for the child.

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